Aquatius is a device dosing water of new generation, designed for modern enterprises that promote healthy lifestyle, caring for constant access to the cleanest mineralized water. Aquatius is equipped with a filtration system based on the natural process of reverse osmosis, therefore there is no need to place the water bottle at the top of the device – the water is supplied directly from the water network.

price: 1329 £

Aquatius characteristics:

1. Modern stylistics and design fitting every interior

2. Simple and intuitive control panel

3. Anti-scalding protection

4. Innovative dispenser for more than 70 cups

5. Multi-step filtration system removing every pollution from water

6. Water supplied directly from the water network

7. No need to place the bottle at the top of the device

8. Ecology. The device provides clean water without the need to buy it in plastic bottles

Technical data

  • Dimensions: 1120 mm x 410 mm x 360 mm

Warranty: 10 years*

* The condition for the continuity of the warranty is regular periodic inspection every 6 months.