• Nonus

    Advanced technology of water treatment, closed in modern and compact casing.

  • Aquatius

    Modern, self-operating distribution of the clearest filtered water for your company.

  • Mullitius

    Water treatment station providing soft water for the whole household.

  • Sextus

    Modern, multi-step filtrating system basing on the natural phenomenon of reverse osmosis

Regius Aqua

RegiusAqua is one of the most experienced companies on the market of water treatment. It gained its first experiences in Great Britain. From the initial years of activity the company focused on production processes, which allowed gaining the necessary knowledge and working out of infallible technologies. RegisAqua also provides the network of service & maintenance for filtering devices. Dynamic development of the company led to expansion to markets in Western Europe and Northern America. Presently the company commences its strategic activity on Eastern European market, establishing its subsidiary in Poland.