Nonus is a multifunctional filtrating system, closed in a modern compact casing. An innovative project is a result of many years of experience, which allowed obtaining full functionality, while maintating an optimal size and stylish design. Nonus is equipped with a built-in display, presenting data sent from the controller, which continuingly monitors the work of the device. Filtrating process of the reverse osmosis, which is the heart of device, guarantees the highest quality of water. Nonus is equipped with a mineralizator, which enriches the water with all minerals necessary for human body.

price: 1085 £

Nonus filtrating system is:

1. High quality of elements

2. Modern stylistics and manufacture fitting every interior

3. Multi-step filtrating system removing every pollution from water

4. The cleanest mineralized water straight from the tap

5. Safe filtration system for children and elder

6. Silent pump regulating the water pressure

7. Tank for storage of clear water

8. High efficiency for the needs of whole family

9. Filtration process based on natural phenomenon of reverse osmosis

10. Ecology. The device provides clean water – no need to buy plastic bottles

Technical data

  • Dimensions: 510 mm x 290 mm x 500 mm

Warranty: 10 years*

* The condition for the continuity of the warranty is regular periodic inspection every 6 months.