Sextus is a multi-step filtrating system basing on natural phenomenon of reverse osmosis. Equipped with an efficient membrane, to which water is pushed under pressure, where particles of water infiltrate through microscope pores of membrane, causing excretation and removal of pollution to the sewage. Sextus is equipped with a filter containing carbon, activated from skin of coconut, removing organic compounds and pesticides from water. Device is mounted under the sink.

price: 451 £

Sextus means:

1. Simple construction with innovative solutions

2. 6-step filtratiting system

3. Carbon activated from the skin of coconut

4. Tank for clear water

5. Natural process of reverse osmosis

6. Ecology. The device provides clean water - no need to buy it in plastic bottles

Technical data

  • Dimensions: 400 mm x 420 mm x 150 mm

Warranty: 2 years*

* The condition for the continuity of the warranty is regular periodic inspection every 6 months.